About Holmwood’s

Holmwood’s Online Learning was founded to enable you to learn real English online. We believe in learning by doing. That’s why we developed a course in which you actively use the English language.

Thousands of students and individuals use Holmwood’s to learn real English. This inspires us to expand the course and develop new features, together with our  international team of language and teaching professionals.

Our team


Cecilia Babasa – Content creator

Cecilia is an educational technology specialist. She creates content for the course and also draws images. When she is happy, she tends to dance and twirl.


Ebru Baran – Translator

Ebru studied biology, but is now a teacher of Turkish as a foreign language. She translates our website into Turkish. Ebru is an eternal student and yoga trainer to be. One day, she would like to travel around the world.


Kiersten Baschnagel – Voice over artist

Kiersten is an educational expert. She can’t live without Google and Google Apps. Due to a slightly traumatic childhood memory that involved rotting sandwiches, she will only eat freshly prepared sandwiches.


Nicole Bertelshofer – Marketing assistant

Nicole is from Germany, but defines her home as everywhere between Rio and Tokyo. Translates our website and assists the marketing team. Nicole studies Roman and Slavic languages and doubles up as a photographer to pay her bills for coffee and Prezls.


Dagny Griffin – Author/editor

Dagny writes the story on which the course is based. She lives in the USA, but she writes about Great Britain with the same ease.


Petra Eshuis – Author

Petra was born in the Netherlands, but lives in the States. She wrote the storyline for the pre-A1 levels. Is known to have said that she’d never move more than 15 miles from the town where she got married only to end up moving about 4000 miles away.

Ben Photo

Ben Gallagher – Voice over artist

Ben is a musician and audio specialist. He creates voice overs for texts, exercises and vocabulary items.


Bas van Ginkel – Web developer

Bas is responsible for the learning environment. Besides that, he is our camera man and video editor. Solves problems before anyone notices them.


Rachel Hadfield – Content creator

Rachel hails from New Zealand, but currently lives in Thailand. She creates classroom materials and activity sheets. Rachel only speaks English, but she can read six other alphabets: Devanagari, Hangul, Hiragana, Katakana, Greek and Burmese.


Mark Holmwood – Director

Mark is the founder and mastermind of Holmwood’s. He was born in Great Britain, but moved to the Netherlands a couple of years ago. Known for his Harry Potter glasses.


Hans de Korte – Director

Hans is responsible for sales and marketing. He is passionate about teaching English as a second language. When the wind is good, he likes to take a day off to go wind surfing.


Candaş Buzcu – Tester

Candaş studied French Translation and Interpretation at Hacettepe University in Ankara. He tests the course and the learning environment. Candaş cannot live without basketball and books.


Linda Miguez – Content creator

Linda lives in Canada, but has also lived in Great Britain and Spain. As an educational expert, Linda creates exercises and classroom materials. She has no idea how to use #hashtags and is known to be able to read students’ writings upside down.


Elise Verschuure – Illustrator

Elise is a history student, but she leads a secret double life as an illustrator. Known for drawing instead of taking notes in class.


Marijn Verschuure – Content creator

Marijn studied General Linguistics. Besides working on exercises and classroom materials, he is the contact person for our Dutch customers. Marijn plays the cello and is a real music addict.


Fernando Souza – Tester

Fernando  is an EFL teacher, translator and e-learning consultant based in Rio, Brazil. He works for one of the most traditional English schools in Rio as well as multinational companies. He has also translated documents, contract and manuals for these companies. Nowadays he thinks translating websites, games and apps is much funnier. He wishes he was a rock star instead.

Andrew Khimanin – Illustrator

Andrew is an illustrator. He draws pictures to accompany the course. Andrew lives in Ukraine and can always beat you in basketball.


Giselda Ferraciolli – Director Holmwood’s Brasil

Giselda is an EFL expert based in Americana, Brazil. Besides being the director of Holmwood’s Brasil, she is also the owner of The Interaction, a language training institute.


Daniela Bartels – Sales assistant

Daniela is a sales assistant for Holmwood’s Brasil. She holds a degree in Business Management. Daniela likes to read fiction and suspense, follows musical reality shows and loves sports, especially jogging.


Graziela Gentile – Sales assistant

Graziela is a sales assistant for Holmwood’s Brasil. Graziela is a Law School graduate who enjoys reading and watching movies.


Eduardo Zabani – Technical support employee

Eduardo comes from Brazil but has lived in the US for many years. He is an English teacher and helps students who need assistance. Also, he tests the content of the courses. His hobbies are playing with his band, in which he is the singer, video gaming and watching movies and TV shows.


Shawn Fitzmaurice – Voice over artist

Shawn is a voiceover artist, science communicator, lover of Irish music, and a cool dad. He lives in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad region where he operates SCFSounds.com Voiceover and Audio Productions from his custom home studio with a TARDIS-Blue door.


Jared Frederickson – Voice over artist

Jared is an IT professional who spends his spare time raising his three daughters and performing voice over work for a wide range of projects.


Briony Sparg – Voice over artist

Briony is a radio presenter for the South African radio station Algoa FM. Also, she is a fundraiser for a Special Care Centre.


Laura Martin – Content creator

Laura is an EFL specialist and teacher. She creates content for our courses.


Ayten Keçeci – General coordinator Holmwood’s Turkey

Ayten is the general coordinator of the Turkish branch of Holmwood’s Online Learning. Besides, she is an avid squash player.


Tunç Limasollu – Director Holmwood’s Turkey

Tunç is the director of Holmwood’s Turkey. With his experience as an EFL publisher, he helps people in Turkey to learn English.


Miljan Ivankovic – Illustrator

Miljan is an illustrator and creates images for the course. When he isn’t drawing, he likes to spend time riding a bike and reading comics.


Camila Gomes – Testing coordinator

Camila is a language teacher and translator. She coordinates the testing process. Camila is passionate about languages and travelling and has lived in New York, Frankfurt and London. Right now, she has just moved to Portugal with her husband and daughter.


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