Tracks is an adaptive English method for secondary education, ISK and MBO.

The students will work independently online and in class you will use what has been learned to actively communicate with each other; Blended Learning at its best.

Because each student works at his own level and you as a teacher can choose which “track” the student is working on, you can easily differentiate while you have insight into the progress. Ideal for any teaching situation!

Practice online independently

The student gets his or her own account with which he or she can log in to the online learning environment. Because students learn English at different paces, we have developed 4 Tracks  and made the learning track adaptive.

If you want to deviate from the standard class setting for one or more students, you can select the desired Track at the student level.

By setting up smart goals, you can see exactly who is on track. The student also has insight into his progress and weekly goal. Alerts also ensure that you are warned of ‘deviations’. This provides peace of mind and overview.

Active in class with English

In the lesson, the emphasis is on being actively involved in English. Included lesson plans and smartboard resources provide inspiration for interactive lessons, role plays, and group assignments.

Feel free to vary the suggestions we offer. Do you have your own teaching material that matches the level and theme of the unit? Then you can use that as a supplement to the lesson plans or even create your own variant of a lesson plan. Attractive, interactive lessons make for a better learning experience! View a lesson plan from Breakthrough (A1).

The didactic concept

The Tracks method is based on two pillars:

  • Learning by doing: exposure and training
  • Blended Learning: A combination of personalized learning and classroom activities

For the classroom lessons, Holmwood’s has opted for the communicative method of language acquisition. The student is trained to communicate effectively in English.

Features Tracks

  • Levels: Beginners (Pre-A1) to B2
  • Number of units per level: 12
  • Average (online) practice time per unit: 2 hours

Track piccadilly will be available soon.

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