English Premium


Learn English by using English

With Holmwood’s English Premium, your students learn real English in an attractive way. Students can learn independently using our online environment. As a teacher, you can use our classroom materials to ensure that your students actively use English in class.

Unique yet proven English course

English Premium is broadly based on the communicative approach. By using English and being exposed to large amounts of authentic material, both written and audiovisual, students learn in a natural manner.

Our approach is based on teaching experience, empirical research and a good dose of common sense. The priority is always to ensure that students learn effectively, quickly and enjoyably.

How to use

English Premium is an online course. Both teachers and pupils have their own personal accounts. Pupils can work independently and teachers can follow their progress, listen to their pronunciation and see their strengths and weaknesses. All exercises are automatically corrected. Classroom time can be used for speaking and activities.

Unique writing module

Tired of spending hours marking writing assignments? Our unique writing module lets students do writing assignments that are first corrected by the system and, after that, by a real teacher. The student gets feedback and a mark, without any extra work for you!


Management system

For schools and other institutions our courses are built into a comprehensive class and results management system. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 students they can be added quickly and easily and can start immediately.

As a teacher you have the choice to let students work at their own pace, or you can choose to keep all students together in one unit or level. By scheduling goals you have as much or as little control over students progress as you wish.

Classroom materials

Looking for classroom activities? You can use our smartboard materials and activity sheets. You can download these from the learning environment.

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