English Training

Vocabulary in context

English Training provides students with a guided course focusing on the acquisition of vocabulary and development of reading and listening comprehension. Students are pre-taught vocabulary before being presented with texts and videos. Each text and video is accompanied by a number of exercises to ensure their understanding.

This integrated approach to learning vocabulary combined with reading and listening comprehension is more effective as students immediately see the words they have learned in a wider context.

There are 12 units per level with each unit covering a number of themes. At the end of each unit there is a small test. There is a minimum of 25 hours of practice per level with additional remedial exercises for students who require more practice.

Content and themes

With English Training, students learn 1,000 to 1,500 new words per level. The words are pre-taught and used in reading texts and video fragments.
Some of the themes are: Moods and feelings, health, making friends, sports, living and studying abroad, hobbies and free time, adventures and UK history.

Questions about English Training?