New Beginners level makes English Premium even more flexible

Holmwood’s English Premium, although an excellent course for young learners, was not suitable for absolute beginners. However, from this August, thanks to the addition of a new level, English Premium will cater for learners who have no knowledge of English at all as well as those who are more advanced.

Vocabulary and basic skills

The new level, which will go by the name Beginners, is meant to give young learners a basic knowledge of English. In a relatively short period of time, they will learn approximately 100 new words. Also, basic skills are trained, such as counting, description and simple conversation. In this way, your students’ English will get a kick start before they start the Discoverers level.


Practice online, use English in class

Beginners contains about 450 short exercises that make up 15 hours of online practice. In addition, we have looked up some of the best free online teaching materials for you to use in class. So your students will not only practice online, but will also actively review what they have learned in the classroom.

English Premium will become even more flexible. If your students already have a basic knowledge of English, they can start at the Discoverers level. If they don’t, they can get started using the Beginners level.

The Beginners level will be available at the end of August. Want to know how Holmwood’s English Premium can benefit your students? Try the course for free!