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Holmwood’s provides online solutions for schools, teachers and students who are teaching or learning English. Our aim is to ensure that our material matches with your and your students’ needs. 

English Essentials

Do you need extra listening, reading or grammar training for your students? Holmwood’s Essentials offers a huge range of video and text exercises across all levels from beginner to proficiency. Together with grammar lessons and exercises this training package perfectly complements students on existing courses.

Skills: Listening, reading, grammar
Approach: Individual learning

English Training

English Training provides students with a guided course focusing on the acquisition of vocabulary and development of reading and listening comprehension. Vocabulary is pre-taught before texts and videos are presented. Each text and video is accompanied by a number of exercises to ensure their understanding.

Skills: Vocabulary, reading, listening (grammar, optional)
Approach: Adaptive personalized learning

English Premium

English Premium is a complete course to learn real English. Starting at beginners level students can seamlessly work to level B1 and beyond. Students can work on their own level and at their own pace in this modern and vibrant course. Over 30 different exercise types ensure a varied learning experience.

Skills: Vocabulary, reading, listening, grammar, writing and speaking
Approach: Adaptive personalized learning combined with classroom activities

English Premium Kids

With English Premium Kids, students from aged 4 to 8 learn the basics of English in a playful way. The students learn new words on the basis of a thematic picture book. The flashcards and a clear manual ensure fun, playful lessons. Games, audio stories and songs for the smartboard are also available. 

Skills: Vocabulary, speaking and a start with reading and writing
Approach: Playfully, thematic and concrete materials

What our users say

“10-year-ols pupils are already able to give presentations in English; something we never accomplished with our previous English course book.”
R. Terlouw

Elementary school teacher

“Students say English Premium is better than the coursebook that we used to use. They like their homework better than they used to.”
P. In den Haak

English teacher, Utrecht

“Having worked with English Premium for 2 years, children took the CITO test for the first time. The results were astonishingly good.”
G. Janssen

Elementary school teacher, Oostdijk

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