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Authentic English courses and study materials

Holmwood’s provides innovative and effective courses for schools, teachers and students who are teaching or learning English. Our aim is to ensure that our material matches with your and your students’ needs. 


Kids is an interactive course to teach young learners from the age of 4 to 8 years old.


Tweens is an adventurous learning course for pupils in the age of 8 – 12 years old.


Tracks is a blended learning course secondary and tertiary education (age 12+).

Learning English with Tracks

English Training

English Training provides students with a guided course focusing on the acquisition of vocabulary and development of reading and listening comprehension.

English Essentials

Essentials is great for classes that require extra listening, reading or grammar training either at school or as homework.

What our users say

“10-year-old pupils are already able to give presentations in English; something we never accomplished with our previous English course book.”

R. Terlouw

Elementary school teacher

“Students say English Premium is better than the coursebook that we used to use. They like their homework better than they used to.”
P. In den Haak

English teacher, Utrecht

“Having worked with English Premium for 2 years, children took the CITO test for the first time. The results were astonishingly good.”
G. Janssen

Elementary school teacher, Oostdijk

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