Points and medals

rewardsPoints and medals have now been added to both Holmwood’s English Premium and Essentials. Students can be further motivated to compete with classmates or themselves in an attempt to get the most medals or the highest score for their class.

Teachers may find it useful to organize class competitions with prizes or extra marks for the top scorers in order to make the most of this new feature and to stimulate learning.

Although only just online, students are already giving the new rewards system a thumbs up.

So what actually is the rewards system? Let me explain.

Every time a student does an exercise he or she gets points. If the student gets a good grade they will get more points, up to a maximum or 110 per exercise if all questions are answered correctly.

Medals are awarded according to various criteria. The Learners medal can be earned quite easily. Students need to pass 10 exercises with a score of 60 or more. At the other extreme the Gold medal is only attainable for those that score 80 on an uninterrupted series of 25 exercises. A no mean feat for any student.

The Pro series of medals are aimed at showing excellence in a particular skill; reading, listening and for Premium users, vocabulary. Students obtaining these medals can be proud of doing a great job.