New writing module in English Premium

Having taught English in a secondary school for a number of years, I know how challenging it is to assess writing assignments especially if you have over 100 students. I used to sit for hours correcting and writing feedback and then letting students try again. All in all many a weekend was spent correcting.

– Mark Holmwood

It was with this in mind that Holmwood’s developed the writing module for English Premium. This new module assigns students writing tasks that are then first assessed by our system and then finally checked by a real teacher, employed by Holmwood’s, who can also add comments and give the final grade. The assignments are not long, but students can try again and again, and each time they will get feedback.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 crop

Starting at A1 every unit has an assessed writing assignment. As a teacher you can also see the students’ work and also see the comments provided by Holmwood’s correctors. Naturally students will not get immediate feedback on these exercises, but on average they will be corrected within 48 hours.

We invite you to try Holmwood’s Premium with your class and test this unique service! Just imagine the extra practice your students will get with no extra burden for you!