Exciting and informative: the new Intermediate (B1) level

Last month, we took Holmwood’s English Premium to the next level – literally. From now on, the course is suitable for learners from Pre-A1 to B1, making it an excellent choice for not only primary, but also for secondary education.

Exciting storyline

After getting back up the hill and onto the trail, Karen had tried to get reception, but there was none. She had begun to backtrack, going back the way they had come, but still nothing. After about a mile, her phone died. Oh no! What else could go wrong!

The storyline that forms the backbone of the course takes an exciting twist. There’s an emergency during a hiking trip, but the story also touches on themes like sports, music, university, internships and relationships – themes that are relevant and recognizable for students. Beside the storyline, we have added other types of texts to make sure students are exposed to different styles of writing, ranging from letters to magazine articles.


Lots of new content

The new Intermediate level comes in 15 units, each with over 100 compulsory exercises. This guarantees around 50 hours of online practice for students. The downloadable classroom materials enable you as a teacher to engage your students in interactive lessons, in which they learn to discuss a wide range of subjects in English. Students learn about 600 new words, which are taught in different ways – in context sentences, listening exercises, texts and of course with speaking.


A larger curriculum

Holmwood’s English Premium now comprises of over 7000 exercises and hundreds of videos. The course ensures that all skills are trained – both active and passive, preparing students for exams such as Cambridge English Preliminary and the Anglia Intermediate exam.

Would you like to try English Premium with your students? Go to www.teflresources.eu and start a free trial!


Try Holmwood's for free

The advantages of Holmwood’s

  • Students work on their own level
  • Teachers can monitor progress and set goals
  • Easy to use with no marking
  • Levels based on international standards
  • Authentic material

This complete guided course includes:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Classroom material