Learning English by using English – also in class!

Holmwood’s English Premium is based on the principle of ‘flipping the classroom’. Students get input through online practice. Afterwards, they are encouraged to use the things they learned in class. This requires a new style of classroom instruction. To help you adapt your teaching style to this way of learning, we have created classroom materials that seamlessly fit with our online exercises.

We believe the best way to learn English is by using it. Actively using a language is far more effective than completing exercises in a workbook. When you use our classroom materials, students will have to actively use English. They will have to look up information, discuss all kinds of subjects and test their knowledge. This way, your students learn English in an attractive and effective manner.

Motivate students through interactive lessons

A typical example of a unit is the one about ‘Computer & video games’ in level A1 (Breakthrough). Most students know a lot about this and have no problem talking about gaming. In class, they will discuss this subject using a ‘board game’. This game can be used both as a smartboard resource for a class discussion or as a printed sheet for small group work. The game lets students think about their favorite computer games, whether they prefer using a laptop or a tablet, and what they think a computer will look like in ten years’ time. As a teacher, you can take part in the discussion and at the same time monitor your students’ speaking skills.

A1_8 Game

In another type of activity, students will get a piece of paper with a job title stuck on their foreheads. They can’t see the title of the job, so by asking each other yes-no questions – in English, of course, they have to figure out which job title is stuck to their forehead.

Be involved in your students’ progress

‘Flipping the classroom’ requires a very active role for you as a teacher. You are directly involved in your students’ progress. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about marking, creating lesson plans and thinking up activities, because they are taken care of. Of course, you are free to incorporate your own creative ideas – it is up to you.

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