Holmwood’s and Limasollu Naci join forces in Holmwood’s Türkiye

In education, the demand for online materials is growing. This also applies to the demand for ESL materials in Turkey. That is why Holmwood’s Online Learning and Limasollu Naci Publishing have set up a joint venture to provide the Turkish market with excellent English courses for both schools and individual learners.

Local network based on a history of teaching

The focus of Holmwood’s Türkiye is to create a network of resellers in different areas; from primary schools, high schools and universities to individual users.

Limasollu Naci Publishing is a company with a long-standing reputation in the area of language learning. Founded over sixty years ago and originally aiming at teaching English as a foreign language, the company eventually evolved into a publisher of language learning materials.

Effective learning by using modern technology

Limasollu Naci Publishing aims at using modern technology, innovations and international contacts to improve foreign language learning. Together, Holmwood’s and Limasollu Naci can provide a modern and effective way of learning English.

Our products are unique because of the use of high-end authentic video material for listening and grammar training. This makes our courses perfectly fit the demand of the local market.

Holmwood’s Türkiye is based in Istanbul. Please visit www.holmwoods.com.tr for more information and take out a free trial subscription to one of our courses!

Holmwood’s Türkiye
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