English Premium for secondary education

Perhaps you’ve already seen our English course: Holmwood’s English Premium. Until now, this course has focused on primary education, but that is about to change. We are currently putting the finishing touches to the next level: Breakthrough (A1). By summer 2015 Elementary (A2) will also be available making English Premium also suitable for lower secondary education!

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Breakthrough and Elementary retain the same concept as the previous levels: a storyline that appeals to young people, plenty of variety for the student, exciting looking site and lots of authentic material including on location videos. The course runs seamlessly from beginners to the end of A2 (in 2016 to B2). Great for advanced primary students who can begin the higher levels, but also good for weaker secondary students who still need to master the basics.

New story line, recognizable themes

For Breakthrough, we have given the story a new twist, with new characters and a different location. The lower levels were about the life of Rebecca, a girl who moves from California to New Jersey and makes an interesting road trip across America. The new storyline follows the 14-year-old Wyatt and his older sister Karen, who moved from the US to the UK (London).
Naturally in Breakthrough there are many recognizable themes. Wyatt goes to school and Karen to Art College. Both meet new people, talk about their hobbies and leisure time and experience the differences between the US and Britain. Your students will not only learn English, but also gain a broader view of the world.


If you know English Essentials, you have probably made use of our grammar exercises. In English Premium grammar also has a place with clear video lessons and exercises.

Actively using English

English Premium offers plenty of opportunity to actively use English in class. To encourage this there are ‘activity sheets’ and smart board materials.

A little more patience …

Breakthrough will be available to students within two weeks. The teaching materials for in the class are expected to complete by the end of March.