Employee in the spotlight – Marijn Verschuure

MarijnMy name is Marijn Verschuure. I am the contact person for all your questions about Holmwood’s. Whether there is something you are not quite sure about or you need to upload a list of 500 students – I can arrange it for you.


I have known for a long time that I wanted to do something with language. What exactly that was, remained unclear. I found everything to do with language interesting, so I decided to study General Linguistics. During my studies at Leiden University, I became more and more interested in language contact and language teaching. This ultimately resulted in an interesting thesis on English language teaching in the 18th- and 19th-century Netherlands – long before Holmwood’s came into being!

Some of you know me as the person who answers the phone if you have a question. But that’s not the only thing I do at Holmwood’s. I also carry out support work for sales and ensure that you can get your account up and running quickly with your new or renewed license. Recently, I have taken on responsibility for online marketing, such as websites, social media and newsletters.

Fast service for teachers

Our course material is used by a large number of schools, sometimes for homework and sometimes in class. This is precisely why fast service is important. Suppose you run into a problem and you need to use Holmwood’s during your next lesson. A quick call to the Holmwood’s support desk can often solve a problem while you are on the phone ensuring your lesson can go ahead as planned. To quote a satisfied customer: “All credit to your support department because once I have asked a question, I have an answer within a few hours!”

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