Who can use Holmwood’s?

English Premium is a complete course aimed at learners in school or language school up to and including level B2. The course will be further extended to higher levels in the course of 2016.

English Essentials is great for classes that require extra listening, reading or grammar training either at school or as homework.

Holmwood’s English Premium and Essentials are designed for schools and teachers that:

  • are serious about their students’ development
  • see students as individuals, each with their own needs
  • are open to modern methods of teaching

Do all students need laptops or tablets to use Holmwood’s?

Holmwood’s English Premium has lesson material that can be used in class without the use of laptops or tablets. Holmwoods actively encourages classroom activities that do not require the use of a computer. Individual study does require the use of computers and internet connection.

Is Holmwood’s suitable with all educational methodologies?

Yes, Holmwood’s is effective in all schools where it is an active part of the curriculum regardless of the education type.

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