EFL resources? English Essentials!

Essentials is great for classes that require extra listening, reading or grammar training either at school or as homework. Students can choose from a wide range of videos, articles and grammar lessons all with exercises that are automatically corrected and the results stored in an overview for teachers.


Essentials videos cover a huge range of topics. From the Grand Canyon to visiting European capital cities. For beginners there are simple videos about fun things and for advanced college and university graduates there are complex scientific and financial subjects. Students are exposed to a wide range of native speakers from various English speaking countries.

Management system

For schools and other institutions our courses are built into a comprehensive class and results management system. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 students they can be added quickly and easily and can start immediately.

As a teacher you have the choice to let students work at their own pace, or you can choose to keep all students together in one unit. By scheduling goals and tests you have as much or as little control over students progress as you wish.


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Using English Essentials


  • can work independently
  • have varied exercises and learning tasks
  • get immediate feedback
  • study in an attractive modern application


  • Can monitor results
  • Can set goals
  • Have access to authentic resources
  • Have more time for other activities

Study anywhere

Because Holmwood’s is online, students can study anywhere where there is a internet enabled device.

More classroom time

Students can work online at home. Teachers have less marking and more time for other activities in class.

For strong and weak

Stronger students benefit from challenging material while weaker students can practice at a lower level.